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  • Service work, or maintenance work, is what we do best. We have performed excellent work in some of the biggest businesses in Long Beach, WA, including Sid's Market IGA, Okies Thriftway, Jacks Country Store, the Ocean Beach School District, Castaways, Stormin Normans, Columbia River Roadhouse, The Lost Roo, Pioneer Market, Seaview Texaco, Seaview Mobil, Johnson's One Stop, Klean Longbeach, and many more and we would love to work for you too! We perform service work for both residential and commercial customers. 

    So whats our process?

    We start by providing a full 21 pt inspection that covers all warranty inspection guidelines for your equipment. We look for anything that may cause future problems or breakdowns. We lube everything that needs to be lubed, tighten wire connections, check amp draws, refrigerant levels, and system temperatures. We clean the fan blades, condensers, and anything else that needs cleaned, check and set (if needed) your thermostat or controller, check the vent system (if necessary) for damage or failure, and then we deliver you the full report with reccomendations if any, on what your next steps should be to keep your equipment from breaking down on the hottest or coldest days of the year. The check points vary from one piece of equipment to the next but you can be sure that we are checking everything that can possibly fail and restoring your unit to optimum efficiency. 

    Our Preffered Service Plans

    Stowe Mechanical also performs both warrenty and ongoing preventitive maintenance and offers Preferred Service Plans (PSP). With our PSP's, which are avaliable in 1, 3, and 5 year plans, you gain additional benifets such as 24/7 no overtime emergency service, discounts on parts and service, inflation protection, automatic schedule notifications, and most importantly- Peace of mind knowing your equipment is being taken care of by our highly trainned team of certified technicians.

    Our PSP's start at just $114.00 per year, $300 for three years, or $499 for 5 years or if you would like, we can bill monthly for $12.50/month to ensure that you can get that peace of mind on any budget. This price covers all of our product offerings.

    For a limited time, if you visit our YELP page, you can print coupon and redeem it for a % off the PSP price.