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  • It's that dreaded time. That time when you are faced with upgrading or replacing your HVAC system. Many people shutter at the idea of replacement or upgrade because of the high cost associated with it, but it doesn't have to be that way!

    Stowe Mechanical thrives on providing the absolute BEST deal at the HIGHEST quality. We work on the pillars of honesty and integrity, and believe me when I say this: There are NO used car salesman here. The price we deliver is the final price. No tricks, just honest dealings with local, honest people. When I put together this company from scratch I only had one goal: To do the best work I could, and hope that it would pay off. 

    Our installation services are headed by Stoney Miller (Lead Technician) and myself (Brandon). We are fully licensed and bonded. Our contractor license number is: STOWEM*840LG and we know building codes like the back of our hand. There are no shortcuts with Stowe Mechanical, we do it right the first time so that there is no second or third time. 

    So how does it get better than that? All of our residential and small commercial quotes are FREE. We start our process by scheduling a site visit with you, the homeowner. Since every situation is unique you will never see us using old HVAC rule of thumb, but instead we will take a thorough look at the building envelope and provide full MANUAL J calculations to size your system properly saving you money on install and on energy costs. Next, we will furnish a full proposal and the price you see is exactly what you will pay. There are no tricks involved and transparency in our pricing is something we believe in. We will show you similar situations in which we've provided service and the respective pricing on those installs upon request.  So why call anyone else? Honesty. Integrity. Stowe Mechanical. 

    We install Fireplaces, Ductless Split Systems, Conventional Systems, Heat Pumps, Gas and Electric Furnaces, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Tankless Hot Water Heaters, Boiler / Hydronic Systems, Pool Heaters, Commercial Dehumidifiers, and much more! Give our office a call today @ 360-244-3663.

    -Brandon Stowe

    Owner of Stowe Mechanical